A button that may save your life

Feel stronger and more confident with the knowledge that personal security is only one touch away. The SOS Mobile App on your iPhone will send a quick and sure distress signal to friends and loved ones.

Available for use in the USA and Canada, until April 1, 2011, the SOS Mobile App is only $0.99. This limited-time offer includes SOS email and SMS transmission. The SOS Mobile App makes use of the power of your iPhone to empower you!

Here’s how it works. Install the App, activate your SOS Mobile Account, fill out your Personal Profile and add one or more rescuers. Customize the App to best suit your needs. You are one touch away from help being on its way.

When you push the SOS Button to send your alert, rescuers will receive an email, SMS or both, letting them know your predicament and your actual location.

You can preview the personal page your rescuers will read when an SOS Alert is sent. They will see that page by clicking a special link sent to them by email when you send an Alert.


  • Complete user profile
  • Easy or Advance modes
  • Unlimited Rescuers
  • Delayed initial alert
  • Alert repeat
  • Signal to end active alert   
  • Sound recorder
  • Motion detection
  • Location broadcasts
  • Free email and/or free SMS alert
  • Personalized page with alert
  • English/French

Ph alert

Available on the iPhone App Store Buy now$4.99